Wednesday 27 March 2013

Skinflick - Six Stone Junkie EP

OK... here's something that's not at all archive - in fact it's so up to date that it's only released today! Bangor's industrial rock terrorists are celebrating more than 20 years of making punishing mechanical misanthropic grind-o-throb. We first encountered Skinflick playing in the back room of a Bangor High Street pub back at the very dawn of the 1990s and they stood out as sounding refreshingly like nothing else in the area at the time... and guess what? - they still do!

Their brand new EP 'Six Stone Junkie' is out today as a free download, and we here at Turquoise Coal reckon it's their best yet. No need for us to upload it though - just go to the group's Soundcloud page and grab it for nothing - it's the best bargain you'll get all year!

We hope to dig out some archive goodies from the group in the near future, but in the meantime, where better to start than right here and now?