Thursday 26 July 2012

Mark Windows

Here's something quite up to date for a change. Mark Windows was a crucial figure on the Bangor music scene during the first half of the eighties, playing with such seminal outfits as Go For It, The Creations, The Dekorators, A Silly Tree and Some Noise before moving to London to seek fame and fortune. He is often credited with having invented the cymbal-less stand up tribal drum sound found at the heart of Cut Tunes, having played with Gary Cut in A Silly Tree back in 1980. We have recently managed to track him down and found that he still is very much involved in music and in show business in general!

Mark still is based in London, where he runs a TV production company, making documentaries, often exposing corruption and conspiracy but also comedies, such as the wonderful 'Every Picture Tells a Story' in which he himself stars as a hapless Rod Stewart impersonator. He also starred as Johnny Rotten in the major production 'Twenty Four Hour Party People' in 2002.
Mark Windows as Johnny Rotten in 'Twenty Four Hour Party People'
This uncanny talent at impersonating pop personalities has also led to him developing the Glamtastic Rock Show, where he assumes the guise of a pantheon of top rock personalities (see video link below). He also occasionally performs as Mick Jagger in the Rolling Stones tribute act Stoned Again.

He is also still writing and recording his own songs, a selection of which appear below. They are often of a satirical nature and encompass a wide range of styles including Glam Rock, Hip-Hop, Britpop/Vaudeville and old school rave!

Check out his video channels here and here

He also has an excellent site at, where you can sample the full range of the man's talent... and even book his Glamtastic Rock Show for your own party!

Investigative reporter Mark Windows at the 2011 East London riots

Mark Windows - Recent songs

1  Wardrobe of Wonder
2  Abduction at Junction 5
3  Coarse Fishing
4  No Bread
5  Farmer Firestarter
6  Wardrobe of Wonder (Pole Shift mix)

get it here

Trailer for Mark Windows' Glamtastic Rock Show

Video for Wardrobe of Wonder:


Video for Abduction at Junction 5:

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