Friday 31 August 2012

The Blue Halos - This Perfect Poison

It's not certain whether The Blue Halos were ever a live group, and as far as we know, their sole release was this full length vinyl LP that was released on Valentine Days Records back in 1989. The label appears to be the group's own and so the catalogue number of VD2 suggests that there may possibly have been a previous release - possibly a cassette? If anyone is aware of any, please let us know.

The LP was recorded in Gaerwen, Anglesey by Steve Rutter of Tacsi / Red Stripe / A5 fame, and it is thought that the group probably also originated in that area. The fact that they were a duo, playing all the instruments between them suggest that it was most likely a studio project. The group appeared to be quite divorced from any local musical scene of the time, their sleeve notes (see below) showing an almost paranoid over-defensiveness and alienation. Their music too, didn't fit easily with other local groups, veering between almost Syd Barrett-esqe psych and PiL type cathartic rage, taking in 80s synth rhythms and punky thrash along the way. An intriguing release... if anyone can fill in the gaps, please let us know!

Insert and sleeve notes from "This Perfect Poison"

Reverse of insert
The Blue Halos - This Perfect Poison
Vanetines Day Records VD2  (1989)

Colin Ryan - vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, synth bass, percussion
Derry Wilkinson - drums, synth bass, keyboards, percussion

1  Serenity
2  (end of another)
3  Harry in America
4  Captive
5  Dreemy (Captive dub)
6  Everywhere
7  Minian the Mole
8  K.K.K.
9  Deadbeat Backtrack:
    i) Phone Box
    ii) 852
    iii) B.T.

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