Sunday 25 August 2013

Sarah's Room (1980)

In 1980, Sarah temporarily left Bangor to tour Australia and New Zealand for a few months, leaving her room at 32 College Road vacant. Never ones to miss an opportunity, her housemates seized the chance to turn the space into a temporary recording studio, with John Cratchley (resident of the room directly above Sarah's) installing all manner of microphones and recording paraphernalia in the abandoned room. For several weeks, every visiting musician was dragged into the room and encouraged to 'perform'. The results of this project eventually saw the light of day on a cassette on the Black Vinyl Tapes label appropriately titled 'Sarah's Room'.

unfolded cassette insert
Sarah's Room  (1980)

1  Can't Stop
2  Jewel
3  White Sky
4  (Just Like an) Advert
5  Shara's Moor
6  Jewel (reprise)
7  Betterway
8  Cross Country in Slow Motion
9  Football
10  Hanging Tree
11  Cross Country Continues / Jewel (re-reprise)
12  JASM
13  I am Patient
14  Down the Hill
15  White Sky (reprise)

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  1. Thanks! Had the original cassette of this. How I well I recall the sounds bouncing out of No. 32. Bloody hippies!

  2. Another "Scott Saunders" song where I get no credit!! Just like an advert was a Verbs number. Eat my shorts as Lowell George said

    1. Ha! ...there did seem to be a cavalier attitude towards credits back then! I did actually correct one in the scan (compare with the original insert) ...but wasn't aware of that one!