Saturday 13 October 2012

Fflaps - Peel sessions 1988 & 1990

We've had several requests for more Fflaps since posting the rare original mix of their debut album back in February. Before posting the official releases, we bring you another rare archive recording, comprising the two sessions the group recorded for John Peel's legendary BBC Radio One programme.

The group recorded their first Peel session on March 13th 1988 on the back of their debut EP on Recordiau Anhrefn, which had been a favourite with the DJ. Rather than reprising any of the songs from that EP, they chose to present four unreleased tracks that would appear on their debut LP 'Amhersain' later that year. The session was produced by the notoriously cantankerous ex-Mott the Hoople drummer Dale Griffin, who managed to render Jonny's ramshackle drum kit even more unplayable than it already was with some heavy handed 'adjustments'.

Fflaps at the Berlin Wall, August 1988

 It was to be another two years before Fflaps were invited to record another session, by which time John Peel had decided he didn't really like their new material very much (it was producer John Walters that offered them the session). Between the two sessions, the group had toured extensively around the UK and Europe and had become a finely honed and razor sharp crack unit. Even the repeat presence of Dale Griffin was unable to derail them this time, and the group were relaxed enough to spend much of the day hanging out with The Wee Papa Girl Rappers who were recording a session next door.

In typically contrary fashion, apart from a cursory run through the title track, the group chose to ignore their newly released second album 'Malltod' in favour of previewing three new songs which were not to be officially released until February 1992.

Fflaps - John Peel sessions

Ann Matthews - guitar/vocals
Alan Holmes - bass/violin
Jonny Evans - drums

1  Pethau Piws  2:43
2  Y Dyn Blin  3:55
3  Llosg Llech  2:17
4  Blodyn Tatws  2:29

recorded at Maida Vale 13th March 1988
produced by Dale Griffin

5  Malltod  3:43
6  Rhowch Hi i'r Belgwyr  2:42
7  Hyll Eto  3:27
8  Arwyr Duwiol  2:41

recorded at Maida Vale 17th June 1990
produced by Dale Griffin

bonus track:
9 First session complete with Peel intros  12:15
as broadcast 4th April 1988

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  1. Fantastic to finally hear these! Unfortunately, there seems to be a hefty amount of digital 'clicking' all over the tracks. Anyone else hear it?

    1. Doesn't seem to be on the original mp3s. Maybe got corrupted in the upload - I'll try downloading and check - are you hearing it on every track?

  2. I'm hearing it from Malltod onwards. It's most apparent on the Peel intros track.