Wednesday 24 October 2012

Miracle Cave - Coping with Illness (1983)

Cover artwork by Mark Thomas
Back in January, we featured the mysterious Miracle Cave's 1984 album "Turquoise Coal" from which we took our name. Since then we have managed to locate a copy of their debut release from the previous year. Once again, the album covers a wide stylistic range and again features one cover version among the group's originals, this time a version of Soft Cell's 1982 chart hit "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye". These two cassette releases comprised the group's entire recorded output, and they never performed live. The cover image for "Coping with Illness" was provided by Ghostriders / Megabats drummer Mark Thomas and featured a series of mystical esoteric symbols that Mark saw as representing the character of the group.As far as we know, it remains the legendary drummer's sole foray into sleeve design.

Miracle Cave - L to R: Alan Holmes, Maria Hycz, The Grand Master
Miracle Cave - Coping with Illness (1983)

1  Kiss  (Miracle Cave)
2  Cities  (Miracle Cave)
3  Stripes  (Miracle Cave)
4  Lay Down a Path To Walk  (Miracle Cave)
5  Love Wears No Mask  (Miracle Cave)
6  For Kathy Acker and out of Her  (Miracle Cave)
7  The Bones of the Immaculate  (Miracle Cave)
8  Paralysed Dance  (Miracle Cave)
9  Say Hello Wave Goodbye (Almond/Ball)

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  1. Absolutely amazing blog. Need to investigate all of this, pity I've only just come across it! Should keep me busy...

    Don't suppose you have any ideas about this tape? It's a little iffy, although 'William' is a cracker.


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