Sunday 11 March 2012

Another Perfect Vegetable

A.P.V. were one of the most exciting but underexposed groups to emerge from the Bangor & Anglesey area in the mid to late 80s. They played a handful of chaotic gigs around the area in 1987 before relocating to Nottingham the following year. In the words of their own 1988 press release:

"APV are a two-piece band with an occasional bass player who possesses the playing abilities of Sid Vicious, say no more. His absence from this recording is wholly intentional. The recordings on this tape are nothing but a slight insight into the real potential of this band. We sound nothing like this live, sometimes we don't even play at all. The best is yet to come.

APV have played selected gigs in the N. Wales area, but have now moved to Nottingham and are currently charting their course for fame and fortune."

Sadly the fame and fortune never arrived and singer guitarist Anthony Heath was later seen fronting Glaring Green back in Bangor, while keyboardist Bethan White made a brief appearance as a dancer in a Cut Tunes video. As their press release suggests, these recordings don't quite capture the wild chaos of their live shows, but do display more than a hint of the lost wonder that was A.P.V., juxtaposing drum machine driven fuzz garage songs with found sound and cut ups to create a delicious and intoxicating lo-fi cocktail that sounds as great today as it did back in the 80s.

Here we have their 1987 release A.P.C. (Another Perfect Cassette), together with four tracks from a 1988 demo and the two tracks that appeared on the Burning Down the Chapels compilation (as previously posted).

A.P.V. - A.P.C. (1987)

Arnold Heath - bass, guitar, vocals, songwriting
Bethan Bingo - keyboards, vocals
Addy Marshall - bass, mumbling
Dirk Raddish - management, live mix
Croxley Script - airwave manipulation

1 Tell Me Something
2 Betrayal
3 Faithful
4 Blind Endeavour
5 Hello Pity
6 Golden Cockerill (Live)
7 Perfect Pair
8 This Crippled Frog Thing Parts 1 & 2

Phase 3 (1988)

Anthony Heath - guitar, vocals
Bethan - keyboards, vocals
Addy Marshall - bass

1 Unknown
2 Someone Else's Dream
3 Could You Care?
4 Unknown (Walk Away?)

Burning Down the Chapels (1988)

1 Tell Me Something
2 Could You Care?

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