Friday 9 March 2012

Vaffan Coulo - Yn Goch

Existing from 1991 until 1998, Vaffan Coulo were at the forefront of a much needed rejuvenation of the Bangor music scene in the mid 90s.
Their ultra high energy live shows brought back a sense of excitement to the local scene and galvanised many other groups into working together to organise communal gigs, forming a genuine grass roots scene in the area.

Musically, they owed much to the original punk scene and particularly the Dead Kennedys, but imparted very much their own unique north Wales twist to the sound. Their live shows managed to be simultaneously tight and chaotic, with bass player Kerzy liable to end up naked by the end of the set.

The group were also dedicated supporters of Bangor City Football Club, and their song "The High Street Side Eat all the Pies", featured here, is without doubt the best football song ever written, featuring a wonderful stream of conciousness rant from Trifle that
appears absolutely un-singable when seen written down - see insert below! The fact that Trifle effortlessly manages the task is testament to the man's undoubted genius. The song was actually played at Bangor City's Farrar Road ground a couple of times at matches!

The group recorded a 7" EP and a side of a split 12" EP, as well as a couple of other cassettes (hopefully to be the subject of further posts here), but for my money, this four track cassette EP from 1994 captures the spirit of the group as well as anything.

Vaffan Coulo Yn Goch

Trifle - Vocals
Kerzy - Bass
Nick - Guitar
Mike - Drums

1 Cowboys Cymru
2 F.M.U.
3 The High Street Side Eat All the Pies
4 International Hitman

get it here

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