Wednesday 18 January 2012

A Silly Tree - January 1981

By the end of 1980, it became apparent that Gary's commitments in art college made him unavailable for midweek gigs, ruling out most of the regular nights in north Wales at the time.

Mark and Alan called on bass player Maeyc Hewitt and violinist Rebecca Ward to fill the gap and organised a special Christmas event at the Glanrafon Pub in Bangor on December 11th, going under the temporary name of A Silly Christmas Tree. Sadly the event was not recorded, the first documentation of this line-up coming from January 1981 when the group reconvened at Pen-y-Bryn Manor. This recording features a couple of new songs brought to the group by Maeyc, as well as new versions of a couple of old favourites, together with a one-off cover of Hot Water's debut single "Different Morning".

This line-up lasted only a couple of months before morphing into two separate groups - Alan, Maeyc and Rebecca forming One Hour Later Over Iran (as previously posted) and A Silly Tree bringing back singer Maria Hycz alongside Mark, Alan and Maeyc.

A Silly Tree - Pen-y-Bryn Manor, Abergwyngregyn
January 1981

Mark Creathorne - drums
Alan Holmes - guitar / vocals (3-6)
Maeyc Hewitt - bass / vocals (2)
Rebecca Ward - Violin

1 Hazard (Holmes) 2.44
2 Hip Hip Hooray for Christmas (Hewitt/Holmes) 5.25
3 Football (Hewitt/Holmes) 4.27
4 Guilty Feeling (Holmes/Hycz) 3.44
5 Different Morning (Lovering) 4.35

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