Wednesday 21 March 2012

Warriors of the Grail - Psychedelic Night

From late 1980 through until early 1982, weekly music nights were held upstairs at Bangor's Glanrafon Pub every Friday. Generally these would feature a couple of local or visiting acts playing regular sets in a friendly pub style environment. Sometimes however, these nights were augmented by more elaborate theme nights where special one-off performances were presented, never to be repeated. One such event was the "Psychedelic Night" that took place on Tuesday, 27th October 1981.

The upstairs room at the Glan was adorned with psychedelic drapery and lit by a barrage of oil projectors and rainbow strobes. Saucers of sugar cubes and Smarties were placed on the tables, the air was heavy with incense and a far-out time was had by all, thanks to the mind expanding sounds of two ostentatiously attired combos - The Pink Ones and Warriors of the Grail. The names might not have been familiar to the regular clientele, but the groups themselves were - turning out to be the psychedelic alter egos of The Pinecones and Ghostriders respectively.

While The Pink Ones presented a faithful reproduction of 1960s British psychedelia with their Syd Barrett inspired set (see separate post), The Warriors of the Grail took inspiration from the U.S. psych scene of the period - Quicksilver Messenger Service, Grateful Dead, Vanilla Fudge and their ilk, guiding the audience on a cosmic journey into the furthest recesses of their minds. The first song ends abruptly in mid flight due to John Cratchley's pint falling from his amp and tripping the power!

Warriors of the Grail - Glanrafon, 27th October 1981

Dav Devalle - vocals, guitar
Rob Parry - guitar, vocals
John Cratchley - bass, vocals
Mark Thomas - drums, vocals
Tim Macartney - congas

1 Warriors of the Grail
2 Trust the Pulse
3 You Keep Me Hanging On

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  1. Vanilla Fudge! Nope - Box Tops version if anything, I would have thought you would have known the influence of Alex C.