Friday 30 November 2012

Fflaps - videos 1987-1993

As November seems to have been Fflaps month here at Turquoise Coal, we really should squeeze another Fflaps post in before the month ends. In addition to the records already posted, the group also made several videos and TV appearances between 1987 and 1993, some stills from which can be seen here.

Rather than posting each clip individually on the blog, we have archived the complete collection over at the Turquoise Coal YouTube channel and created a Fflaps playlist. This contains 25 clips of the group, including both promo videos and live perfomances. There are a couple of complete live gigs still in the vaults which may also appear there in the future.

This almost completes the official Fflaps archive, the only remaining items being a handful of rare tracks that appeared on various compilations and a few out-takes. We plan on bringing all these oddities together for a further post in the near future. There are also some twenty odd complete live audio recordings, although the quality may not be great on some of them. If any of them prove to be of interest, they too may well appear here.

1 Hyll Eto (video 1990)
2 Cornwyd Pellaf (video 1990)
3 Rhowch Hi i'r Belgwyr (video 1990)
4 Arwyr Duwiol (live in Berlin 1990)
5 Y Dyn Blin (video 1988)
6 Nith y Gwlithlaw (video 1992)
7 Gadael y Dail (video 1992)
8 Hel Cnau (live at Llanharri 1990)
9 Malltod (live in Llanharri 1990)
10 Weithiau (live in Llanharri 1990)
11 Crebachu (video1989)
12 Dilyn Dylan (live on TV 1987)
13 Ebargofiant (video 1993)
14 Spio Trwy Tylla (video 1993)
15 Corrach Cogfran (video 1990)
16 Fictorianaidd (video 1989)
17 Cestyll a Llwch (live on TV 1991)
18 Greddf Pioden Gwern (live on TV 1991)
19 Amhersain / Llosg Llech (live in Cardiff 1989)
20 Saith (live on TV 1991)
21 Cestyll a Llwch (live on TV 1991)
22 Llawn (TV appearance 1992)
23 Spio Trwy Tylla (alternative video 1993)
24 Pen Crwban (live in London 1990)
25 Gadael y Dail (live in Pontrhydfendigaid 1991)

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