Saturday 26 May 2012

Cut Tunes live 1984

Cut Tunes 1984 - L to R: Gary Cut, Ian McMillan, Maeyc Hewitt, Alan Holmes

Here's another missing piece of the Cut Tunes jigsaw, capturing one of their very first gigs, somewhere in Bangor (possibly the University Students Union) in early 1984. The set was pretty typical for the time, featuring a more experimental and industrial sound than displayed on the group's records. The songs are pretty much all unreleased, although a radically different version of Eat The Dog, Eat!! would eventually appear on 1989's Strange Drum LP and a formative duo version of See Him!!! Draw (Zip Zap Zap) appeared on the 1983 local compilation Just When You Thought We Were Dead.

Along with the previously posted 1986 demos, this recording shows just how vital a group Cut Tunes were at their peak, something that is only hinted at on their official releases.

Cut Tunes - Live in Bangor 1984

Gary Cut - bass, guitar, vocals, Casio VL-Tone, xylophone, metal
Ian McMillan - percussion
Maeyc Hewitt - guitar, bass, percussion
Alan Holmes - trumpet, violin, xylophone, chimes
Phil Layton - saxophone

1  Fanfare / Mr Entretoute
2  Nice, Appealing
3  See Him!!! Draw (Zip Zap Zap)
4  The Monkey with a Thousand Faces
5  Sada and Kichi
6  The Pillar of Warmth
7  Écrasez l'Imfâme
8  Eat the Dog, Eat!!

all songs by Gary Cut

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