Thursday 10 May 2012

More of The Inadequates

For the most important cultural entity to have emerged from the north Wales city of Bangor to date, The Inadequates' legacy remains grossly under-documented. Their sole official release was the previously posted compilation The Loudest of the Inadequates (where full and detailed information on the group can be found in the included booklet). We have now managed to unearth three full live performances by the group from consecutive years during the height of their reign.

The first show, recorded in Bangor Students' Union on May 1st 1977 features a group line up that still included pianist Nigel Sawyer and original guitarist Chris Pilditch performing a set that interspersed the group's originals with a selection of astutely chosen covers by the likes of Dr Feelgood, Patti Smith, AC/DC and Ian Hunter.

The second set, from the 27th October 1978, saw the group playing at the legendary Eric's Club in Liverpool as part of a 'new bands' night, alongside fellow unknowns Teardrop Explodes and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. By this time the group had dispensed with the covers and blasted out a ferocious barrage of original classics such as Watch Your Step, Let's Fuck and Damage.

The third recording here documents the group's final performance, at the Cod Club in Bangor Students Union Jazz Room on April 20th 1979. The bill also featured a set by teenage Cemaes Bay punks CBL and the debut appearance by The Verbs, both of who will appear here in the weeks to come. The one cover in the set was a version of local rivals Hot Water's recently released debut single Different Morning, retitled I'm In Mourning. By a quirk of fate, drummer Mark was to go on to join Hot Water following the dissolution of the Inadequates.

All these recordings are of excellent quality... unless that is, you are the kind of person who judges quality by such parameters as audio fidelity/clarity/frequency response etc...
It is live rock 'n' roll recorded on first generation auto-level cassette recorders 35 years ago for fucks sake - still sounds better than anything coming out of today's state of the art studios though! Just crank up the volume and jump around the room!

The Inadequates - Students Union, Bangor  1st May 1977

Scott Saunders - vocals, guitar
Chris Pilditch - guitar
Nigel Sawyer - piano
Alan Wilkinson - bass
Mark Thomas - drums

1  Up and Down
2  Police Dog
3  Leave the Kids Alone
4  Riot in Cell Block #9
5  The Deal
6  Plaster Caster
7  Momma Always Warned Me
8  I'm a Hog for You Baby
9  Live Wire
10  Live with Me
11  If It Feels Good
12  Inadequate
13  Stepping Stone
14  Free Money
15  Once Bitten Twice Shy
16  Steady

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The Inadequates - Eric's, Liverpool  27th October 1978

Scott Saunders - vocals, guitar
Peter Dudley - guitar, vocals
Alan Wilkinson - bass, vocals
Mark Thomas - drums

1  Gospel
2  Lasers in Space
3  Energy Waltz
4  Do the Pram
5  Programmed
6  Damage
7  Let's Fuck
8  Inadequate
9  Ain't no R'n'R in Bangor Town
10  See Her Face
11  Steady
12 Nihilistic Romance

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The Inadequates - Cod Club, Bangor  20th April 1979

Scott Saunders - vocals, guitar
Peter Dudley - guitar, vocals
Alan Wilkinson - bass, vocals
Mark Thomas - drums

The Inadequettes - vocals (track 15)

1  Do the Pram
2  Hey God
3  Energy Waltz
4  Party Time
5  The Deal
6  Let's Fuck
7  Steady
8  Watch Your Step
9  Programmed
10  Gospel
11  Inadequate
12  I'm in Mourning
13  Damage
14  Fuck Off
15  Nihilistic Romance

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