Monday, 7 May 2012

Radio 23 - Unreleased EP (1992)

Radio 23 provided two of the (many) highlights of Central Slate's 1988 compilation 'Burning Down the Chapels'. The group played live sporadically at the time, with group mastermind Maeyc Hewitt augmented by various accomplices including ex-Cut Tunes keyboard player Meryl Barton.

poster for rare live Radio 23 gig, April 22nd 1988

In September 1992, Radio 23 recorded a potential five track EP that has remained unreleased to this day. This period was a turning point in the group's trajectory and within a matter of months Radio 23 had metamorphosed into Nixon & Jarvis, although it was to be another 14 years before the group would release their classic 'Untilted' LP on the Frankfurt based Pure Pop For Now People label.

1  Life with Nina Ricci  1:56
2  Dilworth  1:14
3  Murdered  3:42
4  Untilted  2:54
5  The Gettysburg Address  5:51

all songs by Maeyc Hewitt except track 5: (Maeyc Hewitt / Abraham Lincoln)
all instruments and vocals by Maeyc Hewitt

get it here

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